Get Mom the Perfect Mother's Day Gift With Gemstone Cat-Eye Sunglasses

ING-cat-eye-sunglasses with-multi-tourmaline-pink-sapphire-amazonite-gemstones

This Mother's Day, show your appreciation to that extraordinary woman in your life by gifting her our gemstone-embellished Harmonize.ING Cat-Eye Sunglasses.

These artisan sunglasses are a stylish accessory and a work of art, meticulously hand-wrapped using luxurious gold-plated wire and natural multi-colored tourmaline, pink sapphire, and amazonite gemstones - known to offer a range of unique benefits.

Tourmaline can cleanse and purify dense energy, balance chakras, and form a protective shield around the body.

Pink sapphire brings luck, joy, protection, clarity, and insight.

Amazonite brings calmness, tranquility, strength, and confidence.

ING-cat-eye-sunglasses with-multi-tourmaline-pink-sapphire-amazonite-gemstones-mothers-day-gift-modeled

These sunglasses are perfect for any face shape, thanks to their universally flattering cat-eye design, and they are sure to add a touch of sparkle and color to any outfit. 

ING-cat-eye-sunglasses with-multi-tourmaline-pink-sapphire-amazonite-gemstones-mothers-day-gift-set

These limited-edition cat-eyes come as a gift set that includes the sunglasses, sunglasses case, authenticity story booklet, gemstone information card, and a lens polishing cloth.

All of these items are packaged in a stylish and elegant souvenir box that is perfect for gifting! So surprise your mom this Mother's Day with this thoughtful gift that's sure to bring her joy and harmony.

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(Model photos by Kelli Kehoe Barber at

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