Get the Look You Crave with These Delicate and Pretty Skinny Rings!

Stacking rings are an incredibly popular jewelry trend that allows you to showcase your unique style preferences. By wearing multiple rings on each finger, you can add a touch of personality to your look.

three gemstones chakra stacking rings on hand model

If you want to stay on-trend, you absolutely need to check out these exquisite three-gemstones, chakra stacking rings.

These skinny rings are nothing short of delicate and pretty - featuring three dainty faceted natural gemstones that are hand wire-wrapped onto a gold-plated stainless steel ring frame with gold wire.

three gemstones chakra stacking rings

Sold individually, these rings come in various gem options and colors. You can stack several at once to help balance and align all your chakras and keep your energy flowing.

Only available in US ring size 7.75, which is the perfect size for most women. These rings are beautiful pieces of art and make a great addition to any jewelry collection, and are ideal for gifting.

Browse these rings HERE in our infiniteLi Etsy shop.

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