New Jewelry Coming Soon!

Hi, friends! We’ve got a lot of changes coming to the website soon, so I thought I’d pop in to introduce myself and go over what’s happening here at infiniteLi.

infiniteLi founder and artist Lisa Ing

I’m Lisa, founder and artist behind infiniteLi. I started my business almost eight years ago selling handmade jewelry, and I never imagined it would evolve into what it is today - a holistic wellness lifestyle brand.

About two years ago, I removed jewelry from my website to focus on building a virtual boutique in the metaverse. Although I’m still committed to this vision long term, due to all the volatility and uncertainty going on in crypto (more so now as the US government tries to figure out how to regulate it), I’ve decided not to wait for all of that to be figured out, and instead am bringing jewelry back to my website - and just in time for the holidays!

infiniteLi artisan gemstone necklace

I’m excited to showcase all the gorgeous new designs I’ve been working on, and of course, I’m also bringing back old customer favorites and staples. If you’re curious to see what I’ve been doing, follow on Instagram, Pinterest, or Tiktok.

I’m still building out the jewelry shop here on my website, so in the meantime, if you’re interested to know when it's live, subscribe to our waitlist below. You’ll get an email with a unique promo code when we launch in November.

Peace & love infiniteLi,


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