We are a small, Los Angeles based company with a passion for designing and crafting extraordinary products that bring joy and inspiration to people's lives.

We believe that magic is all around us and every day is a gift and cause for celebration. 

When we surround ourselves with thoughtful items that spark happiness and curiosity, we help make the world a more beautiful place by naturally exuding those feelings of joy and gratitude to those around others.


Our beginning...

InfiniteLi first began in 2014 as LISA ING, a handmade jewelry line named after our founder and creative director.

In 2021, Lisa restructured the business to better reflect its growth and evolution. As a result, LISA ING became infiniteLi.

InfiniteLi's catalog goes far beyond jewelry to include artisan eyewear, crystal water bottles, footwear, accessories, apparel, and home goods.

A word from our founder...

“I am profoundly in love with life and all its many facets. Through my art and my work, I hope to arouse excitement and wonder and inspire others to explore the magic nestled within our everyday lives.”
xo, Lisa